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I've been getting more than a few e-mails, asking where the next Georgia book is so, I thought I'd give her fans a quick update as to why it's taking so long for me to get her next book to you.

In late 2021, Just as THE DARKWATER GIRLS was releasing, I contracted COVID. 12 days of hell stretched into months of dealing with long haul symptoms that have effected my ability to write consistently... and in the mists of dealing with that, my mother was diagnosed with cancer in early 2022. After surgery and treatment, she is doing well but needless to say, 2022 was not my year.
Through it all, Bookouture has been beyond supportive. They've given me the time I need to get well and the space to help my mother get well too.  All this to say that the next Georgia book is on its way. Thank you so much for being patient with me. I give every book I write, everything that I have so I promise it'll be worth the wait. Here's a snippet of what's in store for Georgia and Lincoln to keep you interested:


Scrambling out of the way and to my feet, I watch helplessly as they load her onto the gurney, one of them climbing onto it with her to take over chest compressions while the others load her into the back of the ambulance and drive away.

It all happened in the space of less than ten minutes, the sudden still and silence of the Wild behind me screaming in my ears a thousand times louder than the fading sirens in front of me.

Looking down at my hands, I see that they’re covered in blood and I know Levi is right.

I didn’t save her. None of it mattered.

The woman is already dead.

With the death of her foster sisters behind her, Georgia Fell attempts to settle into her new life as sheriff on Angel Bay and a new, fragile relationship with Lincoln McNamara, the man she’s been in love with since they were both kids but things are harder than they seem.

Even though his partners are either dead or in prison, Richard McNamara, the man responsible for the deaths of her sisters is still at large. Archie, her brother in all the ways that count, is gone and the anger and resentment he harbors toward her won’t allow him to return. Even her relationship with Lincoln is strained with all the things they won’t allow themselves to say to one another.

As a part of her healing, Georgia decides to call on the vast fortune she inherited from the island’s wealthy and reclusive founder to turn Angel Bay’s hospital into a safe haven for unwanted infants. On the day of its dedication, before Georgia can even cut the ribbon, a newborn baby is left behind only minutes before a young woman is spotted on the edge of The Wild, bloodied and in need of help.

But just like before, she’s too late.

On a desperate mission to find out who this woman is and who killed her, Georgia plunges headlong into yet another murder investigation while trying to unravel the mystery of who she really is and where she belongs. With no one to trust and nowhere to turn, only one thing is clear—Georgia’s past and her present are on a collision course that may prove fatal to those she loves if she isn’t quick enough to stop it.

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